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28th SEA Games TV app

The 28th SEA Games TV mobile application, a first in SEA Games history, will be the first interactive multi-camera coverage app developed for any multi-sport competition.

Complement your in-stadium experience by watching instant replays and multi-camera angles or watch ‘LIVE’ streaming from the comfort of your home. Over 600 hours of sports competition will be streamed 'LIVE', showcasing 17 different sports as well as the opening and closing ceremonies of the 28th SEA Games 2015.

The multi-camera experience will utilise up to 16 cameras to showcase eight sports and offer the most immersive viewing experience! These videos are shown within MINUTES of 'LIVE' broadcast. Check out the 'LIVE +icons in our schedule section of the SEA Games TV App!

Download the SEA Games TV now!

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28th SEA Games Results App

Keep yourself updated on all the record breakers and medallists with our SEA Games Results app. Designed specifically to bring you all the hard-hitting facts and figures, this app will keep you informed of results and schedules on the go.

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Download the SEA Games Results App on the 25th May!

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. How many official apps are there?
There are only 2 official apps developed for the 28th SEA Games. The first app is the 28th SEA Games TV app, which will show ‘LIVE’ streaming, multi-cam views, ‘instant’ replays, gallery and news. The second app is the 28th SEA Games Results app, which is focused on delivering official results, schedule and athletes information.

2. Are the apps free to download?
Yes! The apps are free to download; there are no in-app purchases.

3. What devices do the mobile apps work on?
Both apps work on all apple devices running iOS 7 and above, and android devices running Android version 4.0 and above.The 28th SEA Games TV App is also optimised for both iOS and Android tablets. 

4. Are the apps available in all countries?
Yes, the app is currently available in all countries.  

5. Can I use the app in landscape?
Both apps are designed to work in portrait mode only for mobile devices. For the 28th SEA Games TV app, the app for tablets will showcase the content in landscape mode only. In the 28th SEA Games TV app, you are able to watch ‘LIVE’ Streaming videos and multi-cam videos in full screen mode.  

6. Do I need internet connection to experience the apps?
Yes, you will need internet connection to access the latest and current contents.

7. I have a problem with the apps, whom can I contact?
Kindly fill up the form here. In your email, please let us know your problem, the model of your devices and the platform version (eg. Samsung Galaxy Tab S, Android version 5.0.2), so that we will be able to assist you. Do ensure that the app is the latest updated version in the app store. 

SEA Games TV App
1. How many sports will the app be streaming ‘LIVE’?
The following sports will be streamed live. You can find the same LIVE streaming events at  Broadcast schedule/programming is subjected to change.

Coverage of field events is dependent on programming schedule.
'LIVE' coverage will cover from 9-11 June.
Includes Swimming, Water Polo and Diving
Badminton Selected Matches 
All matches.
Step-ladder finals only.
Boxing All matches.
Football Coverage will include preliminary rounds
which commence before Opening Ceremony.
Artistic Gymnastics 'LIVE' coverage will start on Day 3.
All matches.
Netball 'LIVE' coverage will start on 5-6 June.
Pencak Silat 
Selected matches.
Sepak Takraw Selected matches.
Table Tennis Coverage will include preliminary rounds which
commence before Opening Ceremony.
Tennis Selected Matches. 
Wushu All event except Sanda.
Volleyball All matches.
9-ball Cue Selected matches.

Coverage is subjected to change to final programming schedule.

2. Are the multi-camera views available for all sports?
Multi-camera views are available for the following sports and events. 
  • Opening and closing ceremonies
  • Athletics
  • Badminton
  • Basketball
  • Diving
  • Football (Does not cover matches in Bishan Stadium)
  • Netball (available after 5th June)
  • Swimming
  • Table Tennis
  • Water Polo
Multi-camera videos do not require any paid subscription and is dependent on the available broadcast schedule.

3. I am asked to update my Google Play Services. Why do I need to update?
You will need to update your Google Play so that you will be able to receive ‘LIVE’ videos and push notifications. Push notifications are used to for notification of cancellation of matches, updates of the key matches, etc.

4. Can I manage the push notifications for the SEA Games TV app?
Yes, you can choose to turn off the notifications at the settings page.

Official Results App
1. What are the differences between the Official Results Website and the Official Results App?
There are differences in look & feel and navigation between the Results Website and mobile app. Such differences are mainly due to customizations implemented to provide better browsing experience for different platforms. 

The official PDF reports and Athlete biography are only available in Results Website.

2. What are the statuses available in the App? 
  • No status shown – Competition has been planned/scheduled
  • LIVE – Competition is in progress
  • END – Competition has completed
  • CAN – Competition has been cancelled
  • DEL – Competition has been delayed
  • POST – Competition has been postponed
3. Will I be able to see ‘LIVE’ results?
Detailed results information will only be available when official reports have been signed-off. After the end of an event, results will be populated and push to the Official Results Website and the Results Mobile App. The SEA Games TV app will not show any results.   

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