Behind the scenes: Team Nila at the Singapore Indoor Stadium

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Behind the scenes: Team Nila at the Singapore Indoor Stadium. Photo: Lawrence Loh/SINGSOC
Meet Team Nila at the Singapore Indoor Stadium. Photo: Lawrence Loh/SINGSOC

Consisting of volunteers and staff, the team was hard at work prepping the venue at the Singapore Indoor Stadium (SIS) for two of Singapore’s favourite sports - Table Tennis and Badminton. During the 28th SEA Games, SIS saw record volunteer attendance of 103%. This means that, even on their days off, the dedicated volunteers turned up at the Games to help out beyond their specific duties.

They are truly the unsung heroes who have made the Games possible.

Take a closer look at what goes on behind the scenes:

The Accreditation Team

First in, last out. This is the motto the Accreditation team and other members of the security worked by. These guys worked tirelessly to keep us safe by ensuring only authorized personnel enter venue areas and that no threat slips pass our security checks.

To many, their days can be pretty dull as they are always missing out on all the action inside the Stadium. But to our SIS volunteers, it is a job well done, keeping everyone safe and sound.  

Click on the video below for a quick look at the accreditation team working with security around the clock:

The Event Services Team

You cannot miss the people from this team if you visit the Singapore Indoor Stadium. The Event Services Workforce or EVS for short is the single largest team at the Indoor Stadium with over 200 members. As the face of the workforce, they perform various roles such as ushering, manning information counters and making sure that all spectators have an extraordinary SEA Games experience. 

Always cheery and bouncy, the EVS volunteers always put on friendly smiles and get spectators pumped up to cheer on their favorite teams.

Click on the video below to view the EVS team at work:


Photographers & Cameramen

You have watched the SEA Games online or seen all the cool photos from SIS. Credit goes to the important members of this team for bringing visuals of the Games to you. Due to the tight games schedule the crew may end up skipping meals or eating at odd hours just to get the best shot of the athletes in action so that viewers can catch up with the Games. Their work speaks volumes of the dedication to their craft, you can check out some of their photos here.

Media Relations and Digital Team

Life in the Media and Digital teams is always on the brink of chaos – everything develops so quickly and the deadlines are always tight. The teams work tirelessly to coordinate interviews with the athletes for media crews from various broadcasting channels and newspapers across Southeast Asia and also produce content for the official SEA Games assets. It can get hectic, especially at the mixed zone, where media rush for interviews, particularly after a major event or the finals. You can count on the the team to always be there, keeping things in order.

Logistics and Sports Volunteer Team

The Logistics and Sports Volunteer Team had to move fast under tight schedules. Work includes removing four courts set up during the heats and setting up one court for the finals.

The most challenging experience was to transform the table tennis arena into badminton courts within a span of 5 hours. The crew began the transformation in the wee hours of the morning of June 9, after the last medal ceremony for table tennis that ended past midnight. They worked at it tirelessly through the night and finished the transformation before sunrise.

Watch snippets from the team at the Singapore Indoor Stadium work to convert the stadium from a Table Tennis arena to host Badminton courts:

Cheer Zone

With the stadium fully packed almost everyday, our volunteers’ unwavering spirit and passion kept the workforce going. Thank you everyone for the memorable experience at the Singapore Indoor Stadium. Finally, team SIS does not forget to have fun, even when it’s collecting trash after each day’s events, as clearly shown in the video below. Click on the screen and watch how the SIS team begins collecting trash. 

Finally, let’s hear from the lovely people who made all of this possible.

Privileged to have the opportunity working with VM Bernard, our 50 strong FA leaders, and all volunteers in SEAG. It's a once-a-lifetime experience.
Song Jing, Venue Management

It's been a great privileged to work with awesome individuals headed by VM Bernard, to FA and to all volunteers. I had an extraordinary volunteering experience indeed. SIS rocks!
Yana Abiso, Workforce

It's an wonderful and amazing experience with team SIS to create this extraordinary journey! Thank you Team Nila SIS.
Leon Wong, volunteer from Venue Operation.

We 'Make A Different Change Others World' (MAD COW) from Better to Betterer and now Betterest on this extraordinary journey by TEAM SIS! Kudos to all!
Wilson Tham, Venue Operation

My extraordinary SEAG experience is overwhelming and a dream come true! Travelling the 1,463 miles Phi-Sin to volunteer is all worth it!
Jeffrey dela Cruz, Protocol

I am honoured to have walked this journey in the company of giants.
Alina Tan, Media Relations

Unique experience where sports once again bring people from different walks of life, to help, to support, to cheer. Thank you all for being part of it ^^
Alina Wong, F&B

Passionate, committed and inspiring - we walk with pride as one Team Nila SIS! Thank you all for the wonderful memories.
Juan Zhen, Media Relations

It just a wonderful experience that met different people, made lot of friends also enjoyed the time in SIS. will miss the fun for a long time!
Egon Huang, Photography

We may not be perfect but we have all walked through this amazing journey with joy, pride and laughters! Team Nila Go Go Go!!
Angela Zhang 

Hey #teamnila We deserve a gold medal if we were part of the SEA games. Whoots whoots!
Xue Ying, F&B

Join as a guest but stay as a family. We celebrate the extraordinary as a TEAM!! Together, Everyone Achieved More!! Thank you everyone for the awesome and amazing 28th SEA Games 2015.
Woon Ann, Media Relations

From strangers to friends, this journey is short but sweet! Together we achieve so much more and am really thankful to be part of it.
Poh Yee, Logistics

Proud to be part of Team SIS! We left no regrets but strong and lasting friendship behind.
Yee Yee, Victory Ceremony

Sea games it is on paper , vivid memories it is etched in our hearts
Sarish , Victory Ceremony

We came, we saw, we conquered. Really glad to be part of this wonderful, dedicated and fantabulous team who made everything possible! –
Ren Yi, Victory Ceremony

Nobody could have expected what was to come out of all of these before the Games, but I'm sure everyone can now agree that this was a once-in-a-lifetime adventure, in a beautiful venue and with the best and most wonderful workforce and volunteers. Till next time!
Tobias, Victory Ceremony

SIS is the best! We didn't expect so much fun and so many lessons learnt when we signed up. It was more than just a mere volunteering events. Those sweet memories, the smile we shared and the friendships we formed will be the greatest takeaway from this SEA Games.(not counting our athletes-stalking experience). Already having withdrawal syndrome right now!
BaoKhanh Victory Ceremony

It was a pretty challenging and fun being able to help out in the SEAG as a content producer. Even though we may work long hours to meet tight deadlines, seeing our work get published makes it immensely satisfying.
Randi Ang, Digital

Interacted with people, from strangers to friends, bond and work together to make it a successful event.
Jinghong - Logistics

An extraordinary experience being part of the SEA Games, and to be able to interview and capture memorable stories so others can know more the athletes and people behind the scenes. Definitely no regrets being a volunteer for SEAG!
Tracy, Digital

I would do it again in a heartbeat.
Zheng Jie, Workforce

Working with everyone from all walks of life in the once-in-a-lifetime SEAG 2015 has been awesome. It was also truly memorable to chat with athletes and fans for interviews, for they are all so friendly and approachable!
Kheng Wee, Digital


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